New York City Metro Area Personal Chefs

Qualified and Accredited Staff Since 1972

Fine dining and exceptional cuisine can be created in a private setting of your choosing by our New York City Metro Area personal chefs. As we were originally founded in 1972, the Al Martino Agency has continued to maintain a reputation for quality domestic staffing. We are known for our ability to find the right match for each situation. Discuss what you are looking for with a member of our staff by contacting us at 917-720-4903.

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As a staffing company, we are able to provide you with the following services:

High Standard of Excellence

At the Al Martino Agency, we uphold a high standard of excellence and each member of our staff is carefully selected with our values in mind. Finding the right staff members is important for any situation, so whether you are running a home or a restaurant, we are committed to providing you with a perfect match. You can rest assured that we provide top quality staff.

What is it that distinguishes us from other agencies?

  • Thorough review process that pinpoints the most qualified staff
  • Our interviewing agents have an experienced background in domestic and hospitality services
  • We are able to select the best fit for the job
  • Security screenings, background checks, and drug testing companies are used
  • We offer competitive rates and quality service
  • Bonded and insured
  • Members of the Better Business Bureau
  • Honorary member of the Heritage registry of Who's Who from 2007-2008
  • Licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs

Call us to discuss your staffing needs!

We enjoy finding you the best fit for your needs and providing you with an exceptional staff member that you're sure to be satisfied with. Our team only select individuals who excel in their field and who are able to provide the best in service. Let us improve the quality of your domestic staff by contacting us at 917-720-4903 for a consultation.